Energy is expensive. Energy consumption may be a building's highest operating cost. The hospitality industry knows that when guests are in their rooms, they want to be comfortable no matter the season. Hotel managers also know guests spend on average 35% of their time inside rooms. For the other 65%, the rooms are empty and waste energy. The same can be said for college dorms, military barracks and even cruise ships. In this industry, building managers and owners are searching for ways to conserve energy. They realize their best opportunity is when the rooms are empty. We are the leading supplier and installer of ONITY'S Energy Management Systems.

Market Leader

Our unique relationship with Onity, the manufacturers of our Energy Management Systems, and Control Green make us the market leader in supplying and installing their products for the hospitality, education and government markets. They rely on us, and you will too.


25 to 40% Average reduction in energy use, Direct Digital temperature control to within 1 Deg. accuracy, Wired or wireless systems, Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius display, Automatic or Fan "On" control, Auto Heat/Cool changeover, 
Occupied rooms temperature limits etc.,

Floating Setbacks

Much More!


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