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Control Green® is a combination of products and services that collect information from Onity® DDCs, reformat that data, transfer the data over the Internet to a web server, and make the information available to authorized users via browsers anywhere on the Internet. The system also provides for control messages to be returned to those DDCs from the same browser over the Internet, which provides the ability to control the actions of the DDCs. This near real-time control allows for advanced energy management capabilities such as Demand Management, or "interruptable" programs, as the Utilities say.

Control Green will also customize software for customers specific needs.

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Monitoring Control

Control Green’s Web Based Control and Monitoring Service gives Property Managers and Engineering Managers continuously collected information about the conditions and trends in the rooms. Before the guest is inconvenienced in any way, the Control Green Information Center springs into action alerting those who can remedy the potentially irritating condition. All the while your assurance of a finely tuned system of energy saving technology is maintained through the ever-present view of status and information via the Internet.


Temperature and Humidity

HVAC Run Times

Unusual Door Activity

Network Performance


High or Low Temperature

High or Low Humidity

HVAC Continuously Running

Door Ajar

Low Batteries


Change Temperature Set Back Ranges

Change Temperature Set Back Times

Automatic Changes Based on Out- side Weather

Solve Issues before Guests are affected

Demand Management

Programmatically Select “Demand Impact” Rooms

Rolling Curtailment of HVAC Activity

Qualify for Utility Programs



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